Track Review: Stain // CELAVI

Welsh post hardcore has experienced a surge in popularity thanks to bands like Dream State. Another band who has recently emerged is CELAVI, who released their song ‘Stain’ last year. They’re unsigned, but they have huge potential because ‘Stain’ is an industrial metal banger.

‘Stain’ is really awesome because the whispered vocals give it a sinister effect. They don’t need to be pushed up into the mix because it adds to the songs’ murky atmosphere.

The guitars and synths drive the song forward. The synths are similar to trance music, which is great because it shows the band’s diversity nicely. I like how beefy the guitars are because they show plenty of aggression. This is best demonstrated in the violent breakdown.

I like ‘Stain’ because it has a big riff and a moody atmosphere. I think the mix of styles here are great, and if you are into Dream State or industrial metal, then you will love CELAVI.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos