Track Review: Somebody // Azu Yeché

I was very impressed when I heard Azu Yeché’s song ‘Black Market’ back in 2019. It was rousing and uplifting with bits that were reminiscent of Michael Kiwanuka. He is back with a new song, ‘Somebody.’

A soulful groove dominates the song. It consists of a summery acoustic guitar which will lighten your mood. Yeché’s buttery vocals are very smooth,  but they also show off the vulnerable lyrics very nicely. The song is about how someone falls in love with the idea of who you are, therefore it is easy to create a persona to please the person.  It exposes these emotions in a relatable and irresistible way. The chorus of: “So you’re falling, so you’re falling for somebody” embodies these feelings into a catchy pop song that tugs at your heartstrings.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos