Track Review: Fame // Margot

Margot are a South London based band consisting of five friends. Their sound is inspired by jangle pop, while also having feel-good qualities that boost your mood. They released their brand new song  ‘Fame’ last month.

‘Fame’ is a great song because it is dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars and a disco drumbeat dominate the song, which works well because it could get the listener grooving. However, the lyrics take a darker tone entirely. Because they are about the culture surrounding reality TV. I think it captures the atmosphere really well because it focuses heavily on how it’s overrated and portrays a misleading representation of reality.

‘Fame’ is a good song because it fuses relatable lyrics with a psychedelic edge. The guitar is catchy because it worms its way into your head, and the vocal delivery is emotional and honest.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos