Track Review: I Don’t Believe (In the Summer Of Love) // Gabriel’s Dawn

Gabriel’s Dawn is an up and coming band from the Midlands. Formed in 2020, They blend folk and indie-pop effortlessly, and are back with a new song, ‘I Don’t Believe (In the Summer of Love).’

The song is a wonderful splash of summer. The soft vocals are beautiful, while the guitar reminds me of The Coral. There are some big hooks in this song that work because they keep the listener on their toes. It would sound great in a big outdoor venue with the sun beaming down on you.

The production on ‘I Don’t Believe (In the Summer Of Love)’ is astonishingly good. It’s polished, clean, and all the sounds are balanced beautifully. I hope that this leads to bigger things for Gabriel’s Dawn in the future. A new dawn, indeed.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Track Review: Fame // Margot

Margot are a South London based band consisting of five friends. Their sound is inspired by jangle pop, while also having feel-good qualities that boost your mood. They released their brand new song  ‘Fame’ last month.

‘Fame’ is a great song because it is dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars and a disco drumbeat dominate the song, which works well because it could get the listener grooving. However, the lyrics take a darker tone entirely. Because they are about the culture surrounding reality TV. I think it captures the atmosphere really well because it focuses heavily on how it’s overrated and portrays a misleading representation of reality.

‘Fame’ is a good song because it fuses relatable lyrics with a psychedelic edge. The guitar is catchy because it worms its way into your head, and the vocal delivery is emotional and honest.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos