Track Review: 2 Shots, No Chaser // Youthstar and Miscellaneous

Youthstar and Miscellaneous (who is from Chill Bump) have released a brand new song, ‘2 Shots, No Chaser.’ The song comes from a joint album and it’s very colourful. It gives off a party vibe with its electronic fused production.

The production is full of wobbly dubstep synths and hard-hitting drums. It reminds me of the weekend and nights out. While the instrumentation screams partying, the lyrics are much more grounded: “I will never put my feet down.” This shows that there is a lot of respect for the daily grind because there is a lot of humility in the lyrics. Listening to this song will help people stay grounded, while at the same time get them dancing. It’s very uplifting and will boost your spirits.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos