Empty Friend bring out big riffs on new EP ‘Falter’

‘Falter’ is the latest EP by London rockers Empty Friend, which was released on 29th February 2020.

Empty Friend carry their influences on their sleeve. They combined their love of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden with huge riffs to create a captivating sound. As a result, they’ve gained a dedicated following and ‘Falter’ should set them on the way to bigger things.

I think ‘Falter’ is an enthralling listen because the majority of the tracks make you feel good. The chunky riffs are memorable, especially on ‘No Light’. Add the soaring vocals into the mix and you’ve got one hell of a track.

But all the instruments have a chance to shine. For instance, the bass and pounding drums in ‘Neon’ drives the track forward, resulting in a joyful listen.

‘Falter’ shows that Empty Friend have plenty of ambition. I am very excited to see where it takes them. Hopefully they’ll have their name in neon lights soon!

You can listen to ‘Falter’ here.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

EP Review: Inner Rivers // Yosef David

There’s something really beautiful about hearing a new singer-songwriter for the first time. Whether it’s their knack for storytelling or seeing what musical ideas they’ll come out with, there’s a chance you’ll hear something refreshing. That is what Yosef David brings to the table on his new ‘Inner Rivers’ EP.

The EP is a deeply personal record, with elements of both Ed Sheeran and Hozier. There is a beautiful ambience, especially on opening track ‘Mayim Rabim (Raging Waters)’ and some atmospheric reverb on Yosef’s vocals. His personality shines through on this EP, especially on the soulful ‘Heavy Walls’. There’s even a guitar solo shrouded in reverb, adding to the EP’s diversity.

It’s an emotional listen, with tons of refreshing ideas. ‘An Island of Green Green Grass’ is a brilliant track. Its intricate melodies are a joy to listen to, and the birdsong makes it even more peaceful.

This EP is relaxing and incorporates stunning harmonies. It shows that Yosef David has found his voice in a beautiful EP that’s well worth checking out.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

EP Review: Amateurs // I’m No Chessman


Sometimes when you’re listening to a band for the first time, and the first note draws you straight in just like that. It’s even better when it is from a band you haven’t heard before. It could make you a new fan of them instantly. I have just had this with ‘In the Morning’, the first track from I’m No Chessman’s brand new EP, ‘Amateurs’.

To provide a bit of background, I’m No Chessman are a four-piece alternative rock outfit from Bournemouth. They have released one EP, ‘This Medicine’, all the way back in 2013. It captures a free spirit, influenced heavily by alternative rock. However, it sounds of its time and with ‘Amateurs’ they have returned with a revitalized sound, which is both dramatic and intense in equal measure.

The band said that when writing ‘Amateurs’ they wanted to express an individuality, a personal touch, and something they hope that their fans can relate and resonate with. On hearing the EP, they have stayed true to their aims, each track is different from one another, and there are hints of post-hardcore combined with their own sound.

The aforementioned ‘In the Morning’ has hints of Panic! At the Disco, particularly in the upbeat piano melody and Michael Rockett’s vocals. They bring out a refreshing passion in the track, setting the tone for an EP full of brash confidence. ‘Actors’ is heavily reminiscent of ‘Ocean Avenue’-era Yellowcard, with a strong emphasis on harmonies which work very well the more you listen to it.

Each track has its own personality, capturing a different feeling. ‘Tell Tales’ is a slower track, with a big theatrical rock soundscape, while the final track, ‘Alive’ brings out a big passionate chorus. It is a track that should be popular at their live shows. It is anthemic and has a driving, fast riff with bags of energy.

In ‘Amateurs’, I’m No Chessman have crafted an EP which shows off their character strongly. It is something that their fans will resonate with, incorporating newer theatrical influences, but retains the alternative rock backbone, which gained them exposure in the first place. ‘Amateurs’ is a rewarding listen and if you are into My Chemical Romance or Billy Talent, you should be well into this.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos