EP Review: Fire In Me // Letters Sent Home

Letters Sent Home formed in 2017 out of courageous ambition. This ambition now sees them sign with Hassle Records which is really exciting. Hassle’s roster has been impressive in the past, and one of my good friends did work experience for them briefly a few years ago. I am interested to see whether the new bands’ EP “Fire In Me”. 

Having listened to lots of metal lately, the pop atmosphere of “Fire” is surprising. I am not sure about it. The chorus is nice, it’s catchy. It shows the band’s versatility. But it isn’t for me personally. However, the post hardcore intro of “Born to Die” is much better. I am feeling a hint of Dream State from this. It is structured well and shows the band’s potential. 

I love this type of vocal because it gives some edge. I think the chorus in “Phoenix” is very uplifting and fantastic. It’s easily the catchiest thing on here. I don’t think that Letters Sent Home is reinventing the wheel on the basis of this release. But on the other hand, there are flashes of promise here. The Bring Me the Horizon esque chorus on “Phoenix” is sure to be a hit. I feel like this will push them into bigger territories. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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