Album Review: Everywhere, Everything // Polar

Polar have been going for many years and return with their new album “Everywhere, Everything.” It is a metalcore offering with bruising riffs that naturally send me into a flurry of excitement.

As I sit here writing, this is the third time I’ve listened to this album. The intro track “Winds of Change” and it’s gang vocals set the pace, reminding me of Gideon at their nastiest. The pace continues with “Burn”, which is incredibly bouncy. The fire in this song will start plenty of moshpits, with the production being so crushingly heavy. 

The wonderful thing about this album is that it is more naughty than a teenager who walks out in the middle of class. Some of its riffs are devastatingly filthy, and they would be good to hit the weights at the gym to.

It’s an album that is very fast paced, giving the listener a feeling of relentless aggression. There are also some bouncy songs like “Thre Greatest Sin”, which is actually one of my favourites  because the vocals evoke passion. There is a hint of While She Sleeps in there, which is nice. I feel that the more you listen to this album, the more anger and aggression come out. These songs are built for the moshpit.

“Deliverance” has a pretty nasty breakdown riff that destroys my fucking face while also having by far the catchiest chorus on the album. I need something that fills my metalcore tastebuds, having deviated towards power metal lately. This is it. What an absolute find of an album, with many epic moments. I’m sure Polar have much bigger things coming on the horizon. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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