Track Review: LULLABY – CELAVI

I am a massive fan of CELAVI’s industrial metal. It gives off massive Rammstein vibes, but also I see an influence from stuff like Breaking Benjamin. I think that every track they release gets stronger and stronger, and with this in mind, i am looking forward to tucking in to their new song “LULLABY”. 

The seriously early 2000s vibes of the downtuned guitars give immeasurable pleasure. And the vocal performance sounds extremely confident. The loud powerful guitars are bumped up in the mix, and honestly, the breakdown makes me want to punch something. I am also getting anime OP vibes from this song, like it could suit a fighting anime to get you extremely hyped up.

If you haven’t listened to CELAVI before, then for goodness sake, get on it if you’re into your heavy stuff because it will give you so much energy to get through the day. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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