Bazooka – Kapou Allou review

I’ve been heavily immersed in the Greek language so it is interesting that I’m listening to Bazooka, a Greek psychedelic band with a ear for melody. This is apparent on their latest album, “Κάπου Άλλου” which is reminiscent of bands like Tame Impala. The first song, “Kata Vathos”, is an acoustic number which is very calm and relaxing to listen to. It is ideal for an early morning listen because you appreciate its beauty a lot. 

I think the title track is really cool as well, it’s got a ’50s feel to it which is really exciting, reflecting the sounds of a bygone era. The guitars are similar to rock n roll, while the high falsetto backing vocals add something special. 

They remind me of a band called Temples, who on their album “Sun Structures” mastered the art of melody and psychedelia. This is evident on “προεδρική φρουρά” with a driving bass and guitar riff adding something different. In fact the bass is very prominent, especially on the soulful closer “βελούδινο Κακό” which works with the beautiful vocals. The album is reminiscent of the 60s and I feel that Bazooka have replicated this sound very well. It will be a hit to those who are into The Doors and Tame Impala. A great effort.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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