Album Review: Gabriel’s Dawn // Gabriel’s Dawn

Gabriel’s Dawn are a band from the Midlands who are influenced as much  by The Velvet Underground as they are by 80s indiepop. They’ve built up a bit of a reputation and released their anticipated debut album last month. It is a beautiful effort that evokes the spirit of summer. 

The opener ‘Loose Canyon’ has very dreamy guitars and vocals. The beautiful shoegazey harmonies remind me of summer, and they are more calming than a cup of chamomile tea. The solo is gorgeous too, with some stunning licks that are reminiscent of country music. “You, Your Favourite Subject” has got me thinking. I can’t put my finger on who the vocals remind me of, but they are very wholesome. I like how they interplay with the guitars, because they are very pretty. 

“I Don’t Believe (In the Summer Of Love)” could be about a failed relationship and conjures up a very summery atmosphere despite the downbeat lyrics. I think I’ve found the reference I was looking for vocals-wise. It reminds me of Velocette and is equally calming too. “We”, which was one of the band’s recent singles, really diversifies the sound. It is one of the faster-paced songs on the record. The drums give off loads of energy. 

“All My Life” needs a few listens to appreciate how great it is. To me, the vocals sound buried in the mix at first. The lyrics could be about a partner not understanding the feelings of the protagonist. The crashing sounds around the vocals give out a slightly heavier vibe. It is a standout song but works very well on the album. 

I really like “On Real Love” because it is so upbeat. There’s an organ on it which reminds me of indie pop bands from the 80s. Perfect song to sit in the sun. The beautiful guitars combine with the positive lyrics such as “real love won’t bring us down.” 

The melody of “24 Hours From Heaven” is stunning too. The drumming stands out because of its creativeness, while there are beautiful guitar licks all over the shop. 

This album reminds me of Indietracks, which to my mind means it is a very solid album. “Tell Me Which Way” has a classic feel to it but there is a synth solo that really freshens things up. “Loaded Gun” is a slower song with the guitars tinkling softly in the background. The reverb on the vocals makes them sound big and epic! 

I think this album is a must have indiepop record. It has hints of classic and modern sounds with tales of escapism. It shows that Gabriel’s Dawn are going places in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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