Album Review: Delta 7 – The Lockdown Sessions

Delta 7 is a collective that identifies as being disabled. All of them have autism and Down’s Syndrome. But they are very successful because they have won many awards for their honest portrayal of living with these disabilities. As someone with autism myself, it felt appropriate to review this record.

Listening to it in 2022, songs about lockdown feel like a snapshot of a period where most people felt isolated. I’ll be honest, I can’t knock this album. It sounds like a group of people having fun. And, there’s some motivational lyrics that can suit any situation: “Look to the future and not what’s behind us.” There’s lyrics about a feeling of frustration and anger about wanting to break free from the chains. Even on ‘Eco Happy’ there’s some lyrics about global warming. They are singing about important issues that matter and for that I admire them.

There is some strong musicianship, with influences from psychedelia and prog rock. It is a very good album which I enjoyed very much.

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