Educ’aid Africa organises live stream concerts to open their first music school

Educ’aid Africa is a community interest company that aims to develop music education and support schools in need in Benin. The charity was started by Isa Bell, a social entrepreneur and singer songwriter who wants to give every child in Benin access to musical education. She started the initiative before the pandemic, organising concerts consisting of artists performing. The concerts helped raise money to fund a new school canteen in a primary school in need.

During the pandemic, musicians were hit the hardest. Gigs and venues were closed, and many bands turned to live streaming. Educ’aid Africa are launching a series of live streaming shows and events to open the first music school in Benin.

One of their upcoming events is on Saturday 17th April featuring singer Mary Cross.  From smooth Jazz to Classic Soul & RNB her voice takes you on a journey. She will be performing with her band in support.

Music is not part of the education system in Benin like in most African countries so only a very small percentage of the children population can afford to go to the few private music schools the country has to offer. Educ’aid Africa believes that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social and creative potential and is on their mission to offer this opportunity to Beninese youth.

For more information, visit this link:

Check out all their upcoming events @EducaidAfrica

To reserve your place for Mary Cross live stream, follow this link. This is a free event, donations are welcome.

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