Album Review: Departures // Inego

Inego are an up and coming band from Manchester. Their sound is described as “retro yet modern”, with influences ranging from New Order and James to Fleetwood Mac. Their debut album ‘Departures’ came out this week on their own Fight the Power Records label.

On ‘Departures’ Inego have a strong ear for a melody. ‘Realise It’s You’ is full of funk and the clean production is very satisfying to listen to because it makes the listener feel happy. ‘We’re Coming Up’ is a huge disco banger. The upbeat guitars combine well with the horns because it creates a fast flowing melody that makes me want to dance.

I think the horns add something to Inego’s sound. They work on their faster songs and also on ‘Beyond Starlight.’. There is a break in the middle where the bass tone is similar to post punk, while the dance and dub influences from the horns combine gloriously to create a sound I haven’t heard before. I didn’t think all those sounds could work well together, but they do.

I really like ‘Somewhere in the Stars.’ It is reminiscent of Oasis’ tender moments, taking  a positive outlook on life. The vocals are strong and take the listener on a journey where they can float in space.

‘Departures’ is a very optimistic album that will make you feel better in these tough and challenging times. It takes influence from the classic Manchester bands, while also adding Inego’s unique sound. It shows that they are ones to look out for in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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