Album Review: Escape // Future Palace

I think it is awesome that Future Palace have different influences. Their sound is mainly a melodic form of post-hardcore, but they also take inspiration from 80s synth pop like Depeche Mode. This is evident on their debut album, Escape.

I love that there is a lot of catchy hooks, especially on recent single ‘Maybe.’ The uplifting guitars blend with the soft synths because they take the track into a poppier dimension. But the theme is darker, n

On the other hand, this formula doesn’t always work. Post hardcore is a great genre but also oversaturated.  On ‘Parted Ways’, the band do not stand out from the pack, but thankfully these moments are only fleeting.

There’s some interesting production on ‘Anomaly.’ The distorted guitars create a strong energy, and work well with Maria’s strong vocals. ‘Break Free’ is also a strong way to end the album. It sounds like it’s been influenced by Holding Absence’s shoegaze but the power chords create a heavier dynamic.   When Maria sings “I keep fighting but I’m lost in my own world” it is powerful because it shows a determination to keep on going.

Aside from a few generic moments, ‘Escape’ is a solid debut album. It hows that Maria wears her heart on her sleeve, because her vocals are passionate, but also the guitars are powerful and pack a punch. It will be interesting to see what Future Palace will come up with in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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