Album Review: For the Sun // Melorman

Melorman is the alias of Greek producer Antonis Chaniotakis. He combines ambient electronica with glitch and experimental elements. On his new album  ‘For the Sun’, he creates a calm, emotional imagery.

Each track has fluffy melodies which ascend very quickly. On opener ‘Eliquis’, there is a calm build up with an ascending piano, and then it turns into a proper deep house tune. The glitch effects take the track in a different direction, showing his wide range of influences. ‘Love is Growing’ is even prettier because the euphoric synths create a beautiful atmosphere. As the track builds up to a crescendo, the listener is in a state of bliss.

Another thing that is great about this album is how it takes you to different places. ‘Night Falls’ is the type of song you’d listen to at 3am when you’re feeling introspective. The soft piano creates moments of euphoria and feels uplifting.

8am is a strong example of the album’s diversity. The 80s influenced bass synth reminds me of a long car journey, while one of the synths has a high level of attack on it. This creates an ascending sound that brings out a heavy atmosphere.

‘For the Sun’ is perfect if you are feeling anxious and need something to calm you down. The introspective sounds and warm synths make this album well worth listening to.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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