Katalepsy get ferocious on new album ‘Terra Mortuus Est’

Katalepsy have created brutal death metal for years. The band consists of Igor Filimontsev (vocals), Anton Garasiev (guitar), Dmitry Dedov (guitar), Anatoly Shishilov (bass), and Andrey Patsionov (drums). They started off as a slam band, but on their new album Terra Mortuus Est they’ve morphed into more traditional metal with a hardcore edge.

 It’s clear that the band have come a long way production-wise from the filthy ‘Rabid.’ The songs come at you with frenetic speed and power, for example ‘Night of Eden’ and ‘Those Who Rot the Souls.’ The guitar tones are so crisp and punchy they’ll melt your face.  But the band have crafted an album full of melodies as well because the black metal riffs in the title track are captivating and keep you guessing what’ll come next.

Filiontsev’s vocals are also very impressive. They pack a punch and benefit from being high in the mix. ‘Deep Down Madness’ is another highlight because you can feel every crashing cymbal and pounding snare. 

Terra Mortuus Est is ferocious and terrifying. It shows a band who have pushed themselves and gone from strength to strength. The production is strong because it shows how filthy and crushing Katalepsy can be, resulting in a welcome addition to their back catalogue.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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