EP Review: Kellindo – Summertime (Remixes)

Kellindo, a multi instrumentalist from New York, released his new song ‘Summertime’ earlier this year. The hazy production combines well with the soulful vocals because it puts the listener in a relaxed state of mind.   He’s collaborated with a bunch of UK producers to put their own flavour on ‘Summertime.’ It’s really interesting to see the different styles on offer.

The Subtheory remix keeps the songs vocals but adds in synths and handclaps. Listening to this version, there is a laid back feel which is enhanced by the filtered guitars because it feels as if you’re sitting by the pool with a cocktail in hand.

Lee Christian’s ‘Fun Has Begun’ remix is exactly what the title says. It is more upbeat, with panned vocals and a prominent kickdrum. The disco flavour of the song is interesting because it adds even more colour. There is added prominence in the lyric: “fun has begun” as it is repeated for effect. It works well because it’s something you can dance to.

Oxford rapper Half Decent sounds as if he adds his own elements. The piano chord changes and what sounds like 808 drums make it a suitable beat for rappers to spit on. There is enough space in the mix for the instruments to breathe. It keeps the sumery feel of the song. The guitars at the end sound a bit clustered, but other than that it is a solid remix.

The JHawk remix takes advantage of the guitars because it mixes the with ambient synths. There is a rock influence in this version, which is refreshing because it offers something different. Finally, the JUICY RMX takes summer to a whole new level. It chops up the vocals and brings in drums with a lot of punch. It’s a remix you can dance to, ensuring that all the artists have added their own twist to put a smile on your face.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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