Album Review: Mephitic // AHTME

AHTME are back with a brand new album, Mephitic. It follows on from their debut album, Sewer Born which was released in 2018. Their brutal crushing drums and pummeling guitars is an acquired taste but they’ve built up a strong following.  The band consists of Brent Turnbow (vocals), Craig Bruenger (bass), Dalton Harper (guitar) and Jordan Plumer (drums).

Death metal is a genre that focuses on extreme brutality. On Mephitic, AHTME have focused on neck snapping groove focused guitar riffs. It rushes straight out the blocks with the opening one-two of ‘Swarm of Fools and ‘Putrid Perforation.’ Both tracks are very fast, but have a gripping melody that keeps you hooked. Harper’s guitar playing is tighter and slicker.

‘Hair Of the Hog’ is reminiscent of old school death metal. The musicianship is tight, leading to a delicious colossal experience. There are some back metal elements, especially in the guitar parts, which show variation. ‘Valley of the Gourds’ is one of those songs where you will break your neck headbanging. The relentless groove and thrashy riffs are memorable because they’re very energetic.

Overall, Mephitic shows AHTME are able to stand out from the crowd. They’ve created infectious riffs and expanded their sound palette. This album should take them onto bigger things because it can appeal to any metalhead.

Mephitic released on July 26th on Unique Leader.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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