Album Review: Atoms // Platon Karataev

Platon Karataev are a rising Budapest-based indie band. The band are extremely popular because they’ve got an accessible sound. Their song ‘For Her’ was streamed 4 million times on Spotify, mainly from the USA, UK, and Germany. On new album ‘Atoms’, the band have created an indie rock sound that reminds me of Arctic Moneys and Foals.

‘Atoms’ hints at a darker sound. The guitars on ‘Ocean have plenty of reverb which works well because they create a wall of atmosphere. It’s a technique that works well on ‘Aphelion’, as the swirling guitars could represent the introspective lyrics: “a spiral of nothing that pulls me down.”  The guitars are beautiful because they pull the listener into another world.

The clean guitar tone on ‘Wolf Throats’ juxtaposes with the urging call of the trumpet. This works well because it makes the listener feel like they’re ready for a battle, while the harmonies are a joy to listen to. The harmonies in general are very strong because they show versatility. The gorgeous minor chords on ‘Litmus Heart’ are a perfect backdrop for the fragile vocals. The harmonies towards the end can easily be sung in stadiums and arenas.  

‘Atoms’ is a beautiful album that contains singalong anthems. It’s an album that Platon Karataev should be proud of and boost their reputation.

You can stream ‘Atoms’ here.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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