Track Review: Bill Murray // Half Decent

I’m a big fan of Half Decent because his lyrics are insightful and make you think. On his latest single, ‘Bill Murray’, the Oxford-based rapper and producer raps about how days blur into one. When you listen to the lyrics, they make you want to do something with your life. “Gotta find a new hustle, new strength new flex and improve my muscle.”  I love how he plays with these words because they create an emotional impact. The production is strong because he raps over a boom bap beat that’ll make you nod your head. The chopped up piano in the chorus is refreshing because it is reminiscent of a new start.

‘Bill Murray’ is another track that will resonate with listeners because it offers something that everyone can relate to. It is a brilliant piece of storytelling that should boost Half Decent’s already growing reputation.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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