Track Review: Daddy (No Way) // Up the Bug

It’s not too often you hear some batshit new music. Up the Bug are this band- but they’re also fighting a good cause. Beneath their unreal ska bangers, they’ve also released a new EP, which raised money for the NHS. Now, as a key worker myself, I think it’s great that bands are supporting the NHS during this critical time, and very inspiring.  The band also released their new song ‘Daddy (No Way)’ which is a fun listen.

I love this song because it is upbeat and has a strong energy. But in comparison, the lyrics are angry. The protagonist doesn’t like how his lover has treated him like shit. But he isn’t going to back down to her tactics: “Na na na na na no way / won’t play na na na your games.” The “na na” bits are interesting because they already encourage a singalong and bring a big vibe.

I’d love to hear more from Up the Bug because their songs make me feel really happy and positive.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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