EP Review: Split Damage // SINthetik Messiah

SINthetik Messiah is the brainchild of Cajun Songwriter Bug Gigabyte. His latest EP ‘Split Damage’ is influenced by downtempo and ambient music. It features two tracks which create a captivating atmosphere.

I like the first track ‘Languish because the drums are colossal. The pounding bass drum and the distorted synth brings insane energy because you can feel the impact in your chest. There are influences here from 90s trip-hop such as Tricky and Massive Attack. An example of this is the snare which has a lot of reverb. I think this is brilliant because it adds a new layer of intensity to go with the emotional lyrics.

The second track, ‘Emotional Therapy’ is also great because it builds on the atmospheric style. I love the drum production because it captures the feel of a therapy session.  The drums are like a heartbeat, while the repetitive synth could represent the protagonist thinking about what they’re going to say to the therapist.

Both songs are very powerful and add to Bug’s extensive sound palette. They’re trip-hop songs with a hard edge. I think they offer something refreshing to the listener and I’m sure they will broaden his audience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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