Half Decent shows diversity on ‘Made Of’ and ‘Every Single Moment’

I love rap music because when I hear a rappers lyrics, I can understand what goes on in their mind. I love finding out where they get their references from, and every rapper has a unique story to tell.

Lately, I’ve really been enjoying Half Decent. Influenced by The Streets and Kano, he talks about his upbringing and ambitions. He talks about memories of when he was younger on ‘Every Single Moment.’ This song has an acoustic guitar, which is apt because it’s an autobiographical reflection on his life. It works with the thought-provoking lyrics because although he feels lost, there are moments of hope: “Be yourself don’t follow all what the herd do / make the most of every minute in your curfew.”

As for ‘Made Of’, the production is completely different. A gritty synth and distorted drums dominate the track. It works well with his aggressive delivery. His use of metaphors will make you think. “I think we have a problem, Houston / We have a conscious human running around provoking thoughts / How in the hell did he get in here, there are no more open doors.”

Half Decent’s motivational lyrics are introspective, while the diverse production shows that he’s got a wide pool of influences. I think more people should listen to him because his lyrics will make you think deeper.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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