Track review: There Must Be More To Life Than This // Hegarty

Hegarty are a band who make me really happy. The band, consisting of David, Waka, Chris, Igga, and Alex, have been gaining a loyal following around Liverpool. They play honest country-rock with a strong Merseybeat influence. They’re going to release a new single, ‘ There Must Be More To Life Than This.’

I feel like every song they release they get better and better. The harmonies in the background work well because they bring a positive atmosphere into the track. They go perfectly with the dreamy chord changes.

The lyrics are delivered with a warm, introspective feel.  They capture the dreamy atmosphere because they make me think about how I can improve myself.

I really hope that more people listen to Hegarty.  Their sound is beautiful, and I feel their lyrics resonate with a wide audience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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