Francis of Delirium get introspective on new single ‘Circles’

Newcomers Francis of Delirium released their latest track ‘Circles’ this week. The band combine 90s grunge with a DIY ethic. As a result, it works effortlessly because it combines melody and angst.

The bands previous single ‘Quit Fucking Around’ was brilliant because it combined an addictive power-pop riff. What helped it stand out was its huge chorus, which reminds me of Veruca Salt at their best.

‘Circles’, however, is more downbeat. It is about a romantic relationship that is just finishing. The ethereal guitars work very well with Jana Bahrichs emotional vocals because you can feel the passion. It feels like she is in an enclosed space, before the weightless guitars give way in the chorus.

My favourite bit in the song is when it gathers pace towards the end. I can hear Jana’s emotion be released as she sings: “My head’s not going under but I’m still sad it’s over.” It gives her hope that she will get through this tough time, pulling herself out of the circle.

Give ‘Circles’ a listen, because it could also give you hope in these uncertain times.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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