Track Review: Moura/Blessed Land // Good Weather For an Airstrike/Signal Hill

Good Weather For an Airstrike and Signal Hill have teamed up to release a limited edition split single, ‘Moura/Blessed.’

The single will be Signal Hills’ first new music in three years. The band have been together for over 15 years and their members hail from New York, Los Angeles, and London. Their influences range from jazz to punk rock, while their music sees them build on big sonic landscapes and bring out strong emotions. ‘Blessed’ was written in three seperate cities, and you can hear the influence. The guitars drift in different directions, taking the listener on a long relaxing journey. The instruments tie in very well together, setting of an explosion of beautiful clean noise.

Good Weather For an Airstrike is the musical project of Tom Honey, who suffers from tinnitus. As a response to this, he creates ambient post-rock to help with sleeping. ‘Moura’ is named after Tottenham Hotspur’s underrated right-winger Lucas Moura, who produced a string of mesmerising performances on the way to their Champions League Final run last season. The track incorporates beautiful clean guitars. But things really take off when the drums and bass kick in because they bring a pulsating rhythm that drives the track forward. Furthermore, the tremolo effect on the guitar stands out because it gives off a calm and ambient atmosphere.

Both tracks are superb because they bring their own ambient flavour to post-rock music. They both complment each other very nicely because they make the listener feel like they are floating towards a state of bliss.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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