Track Review: Insecurities // Harina

Influenced by Ariana Grande, Harina is a German- born London based singer who has burst on the scene in recent months. Her first single Nothing is an aggressive no holds barred track about the music industry’s false promises. It is a track that I instantly loved, and she has since released a follow up, ‘Insecurities.’

What stands out about Harina is her vocal performance. On ‘Insecurities’, I love the delivery because its passionate and full of emotion. The hooks, especially the chorus, are so memorable and catchy. The layered vocals work very nicely, and I can see this played on the radio. The production is incredibly clean and minimalistic. This works because it allows the vocals to breathe. I can see Harina being huge in the future because her lyrics are honest and relatable, while her songwriting is top notch.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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