Track Review: Pablos Hippos // Violet Contours

Violet Contours are massive on the Fred Perry subculture, but also creating big rock anthems to match this attitude. Their music is a pulsating mix of indie rock and Afro-Carribean influences. The band have spent some tie in the studio working on their debut album, and in the meantime have released a new song, ‘Pablos Hippos.’

It’s named after the four hippos that Pablo Escobar, one of the worlds most infamous drug lord, smuggled into Colombia for his own personal zoo. After Escobar was gunned down in 1993, the hippos escaped to a local river system.

The track itself has a tropical rhythm section, which adds a summery flavour. The Arctic Monkeys-esque harmonies work very well, adding a slightly darker undertone. The track shows off their influences very well, but they have also created a fresh take on indie rock. It’ll be interesting to see what their future releases bring, as they’ve got a very exciting sound.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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