Track review: Since You Don’t Like Me // Raz Aghajanyan

Raz Aghajanyan is a multi imstrumentalist based in London. He is influenced by a wide variety of genres including reggae, R n’ B, soul, and metal, which helps him create his own unique identity. This comes across very strongly in his new song, ‘Since You Don’t Like Me’, which he will release in October.

The track is a well produced rock song, with the slightly off kilter guitars being a joy to listen to, with an infectious rhythm. The lyrics could describe a fading relationship, where the protagonist is unable to be himself “Stop screaming or else I’m leaving.” The solo helps make the track bigger as well, it’s a curveball which keeps it interesting.

On ‘Since You Don’t Like Me’, Raz shows his musical capabilities and puts them in a brilliant fun track.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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