Album Review: Inhumation // Bearers

Bearers are a Scottish metalcore band whose influences include Architects and Silent Planet. Their music is aggressive and chaotic because it has the pumped up energy of groove metal and beautiful soundscapes to balance it out. Lyrically, they discuss heavy subjects including getting into the minds of killers and looking at the damage they do. They set this against the backdrop of furious riffs.

The intro is colossal, and shows a big statement of intent. It keeps you hooked, and excited for what is coming up. It goes straight into ‘Remains’ which is a relentless assault because the huge chugging guitars rush straight into the listeners’ ears. But ‘Inhuation’ isn’t just groovy chugs because the band also have a sharp eye for melody as well. The choruses and hooks are massive and powerful, making the listener scream along as well as headbang. The djenty guitar tone is absolutely crushing.

Lead single ‘Prey’ is more accessible with a crisp, mechanical guitar tone. However this has its downside as well. Because of the amount of low end in the mix, the song sounds lifeless Luckily, the impact of the guitar solo is still there. But this is a minor gripe in an album that is otherwise crushing. Its refreshing amount of heaviness is something that is lacking from the scene.

The band have won the support of Lotus Eater, whose vocalist James McLees features on ‘Confessions.’ It features a distorted bass and pummelling riffs. When the beatdown section comes in at the end of the track, it is terrifying.

The technicality in the riffs is so tasty and satisfying to listen to. On ‘Confide’ and ‘Neurotic’, the lyrics are anxious and vulnerable, putting the listener in the mind of the killer. It sums up a brilliant album that strikes a chord with the listener because they can feel the passion in the lyrics and music.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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