EP Review: Inner Rivers // Yosef David

There’s something really beautiful about hearing a new singer-songwriter for the first time. Whether it’s their knack for storytelling or seeing what musical ideas they’ll come out with, there’s a chance you’ll hear something refreshing. That is what Yosef David brings to the table on his new ‘Inner Rivers’ EP.

The EP is a deeply personal record, with elements of both Ed Sheeran and Hozier. There is a beautiful ambience, especially on opening track ‘Mayim Rabim (Raging Waters)’ and some atmospheric reverb on Yosef’s vocals. His personality shines through on this EP, especially on the soulful ‘Heavy Walls’. There’s even a guitar solo shrouded in reverb, adding to the EP’s diversity.

It’s an emotional listen, with tons of refreshing ideas. ‘An Island of Green Green Grass’ is a brilliant track. Its intricate melodies are a joy to listen to, and the birdsong makes it even more peaceful.

This EP is relaxing and incorporates stunning harmonies. It shows that Yosef David has found his voice in a beautiful EP that’s well worth checking out.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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