Album Review: Binary Garden // Auras

Canadian progressive metal band Auras released their new album Binary Garden last week. It follows on from their debut album, ‘Heliospectrum’, which was in Metal Injection’s top 15 albums of 2016. ‘Binary Garden’ is an album that is full of atmospheric sounds and off-kilter chugs.

The album boasts a relentless heaviness which is reminiscent of bands like Glass Cloud. It starts off with ‘Momenta’, and there’s a filthy riff which sets the tone for the album. What is very impressive about ‘Binary Garden’ is how engaging all these songs are. They each stand out, especially ‘Pseudo Intellect.’ The guitar interplay in this song flows very well, the clean tone juxtaposing with the downtempo breakdowns.

The vocals on this record are crisp and immaculately produced, offering something refreshing. The melodies are stunning, especially on the chorus in ‘The Demoness.’ It encapsulates everything that is great about the record, with big beefy guitars in Drop G, and brutal downtempo riffs. Each section of the song is well-written, the synths adding an ethereal atmosphere.

What you get on ‘Binary Garden’ is ten tracks which keep you wanting more with each listen. You’ll sit with this record a few times, and still find something new. It’s a journey that is well worth taking.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos



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