EP Review: Against the Tide // Torchbearer

‘Against the Tide’ is the upcoming EP from hardcore newcomers Torchbearer. On these five tracks, it shows that the band have a lot of potential, with an ear for melody. Take opening track ‘Time Served’ features an infectious chorus and a fast- paced riff. You can see the passion in the music, as well as the lyrics. They talk about persevering in a bad situation, “Time and time again, integrity will prevail.” It is a motivational track which gets the blood pumping.

The musicianship is pretty tight, which doesn’t surprise me. All the members were previously in Blowgoat and Collapse, which helps because the pulsating drumbeats really pack a punch. There are also hints of classic heavy metal in ‘Paralysed’, with the Metallica – inspired riffs creating a big impact.

Initially on first listen, ‘Ascender’ doesn’t add anything to the table. A bog standard hardcore track. But give it time. There’s plenty of riffs buried in there. Same with ‘Drown’, it incorporates a lot of melodic screaming that takes them out of hardcore’s stale surroundings.

‘Against the Tide’ sees Torchbearer swimming, well, against the tide. There are riffs aplenty, and plenty to enjoy for newcomers of the band. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here because potentially big things await for them.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos




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