EP Review: The Free Money EP // Free Money

Free Money is a band from East London, who released their recent EP, ‘The Free Money EP.’ An interesting fact about the band is that they adopt the personas of bankers, allowing them to play with ideas of modernity and power.

I really enjoyed this EP. I felt it had a lot of ambition, with a big, upbeat indie pop sound. The production on ‘U Got Me’ was strong, with the vocals bringing out a lot of emotion in the verse. This transitions into a catchy chorus, which got stuck in my head. Listening to the EP again, it’s very diverse, the distorted guitars in ‘Up in the Sky’ add a darker atmosphere to the EP. It shows the band have a range of influences and there’s something for everyone. ‘I Got U’ has a sassy drumbeat which shows the band at their most ambitious. It’s reminiscent of AM-era Arctic Monkeys, with an ability to try something new. In this case, the band incorporate a saxophone solo, which works very well, bringing out the upbeat feel in the music.




‘Moving On’ is introspective. The vocals, guitars, and the programmed drums are spaced out which I think creates an atmospheric soundscape. At first, I wasn’t keen on the chorus. It didn’t pull me in. But give it time, and it’s reminiscent of Bowie, with positive energy. It shows that a weight has been lifted of the protagonists’ shoulders as he moves into a new situation. The feelgood bassline that goes with the lyrics “I’ve got a feeling that something is changing inside” encapsulates the importance of a fresh start.

‘Everything’s Fine’ is atmospheric, with nothing but a piano and emotional vocals. It waltzes along peacefully, giving the listener the reassurance that everything is going to be okay. I feel that each track conveys the atmosphere of the different points of the relationship. From the murky darkness of ‘Up in the Sky’ to the upbeat positivity of ‘Moving On’, if you give this EP time, it will worm its way into your heart.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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