Track Review: Heat of the Fire // The Good Neighbors

The Good Neighbors are a band from Buffalo, NY. Their brand of melodic indie rock has earned them a growing reputation, playing the Night Lights Music Festival in America. They released an EP, Not Feelin’ This’ last year, which focused on some downbeat indie in a minor key. It didn’t bring much new to the table, however, the guitar work sounded refreshing on tracks such as ‘My Plate’, bringing to mind the more relaxed elements of mid-2000’s post-punk revival.

The band released a new track, ‘Heat of the Fire’ last month. It has gained support from the likes of It’s All Indie and Clunk Magazine. But is it any good, and how have the band changed from their darker, minor key influenced EP?

Well, the track is certainly more upbeat, with the singers’ passionate vocal higher in the mix, along with the summery guitar. The playful vocal notes in the chorus are fun to hear, and it is also positive to see that the band have retained elements of their previous EP, the laid-back vibes would sound perfect on a warm summers evening. It might not quite break the mainstream, but ‘Heat of the Fire’ shows a band who are expanding their sound palette, and are ones to watch in the future.


Feature image credit: Mark Niewiemski 


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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