EP Review: 20 // Lost Like Alice

Lost Like Alice is the stage name of Ben Parker. His beautiful jaw dropping voice combined with minimalist production has earned him countless praise as one of the best songwriters in the Welsh music scene. The tracks on his new EP 20 (released earlier this month) are drenched in emotion, listening to them is a cathartic yet pleasurable experience.

‘What’s Missing’ and ‘Crooked Lines’, the two previous singles, are superb, the spacious atmosphere making for a beautiful soundscape. But it’s the stripped back genius of debut single ‘Headlights’ that glows brightly, the piano and acoustic guitar working superbly in tandem with each other. The hand-claps are engaging because they add a new curveball to the music, taking the listener by surprise.


‘The Getaway’ is a slow folky track that is full of lament and regret. Lyrically it could symbolise a barrier between the protagonist and another person. When Ben sings “I just wanna be loved / Just let me be loved” you can hear the rawness in his voice, which hits the listener hard. Finally, ‘One Last Time’, the EP’s closing track, is stunning. The dreamy guitar and vocals could be influenced by folk-music, while Ben uses his guitar as a drum. It’s refreshing and really adds to the experience.


Overall, 20 is a perfect introduction to Lost Like Alice’s music. It shows a singer who wears his honesty on his sleeve, and should appeal to fans who love their acoustic songs with a strong dollop of emotion.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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