Discover: Lost Like Alice

Lost Like Alice is the alias of Welsh musician Ben Parker. A unique voice in the singer-songwriter genre, the minimalist production only enhances the emotion conveyed in his music. This was apparent on his 2017 EP, Thread. It featured Ben’s jawdropping vocals along with raw, fragile guitars, every song taking the listener on a journey. Set to be a force in 2018, he will release two new tracks, ‘What’s Missing?’ and ‘Crooked Lines’ on January 26th. They incorporate an emotional soundscape that has seen Ben draw comparisons with Jeff Buckley and John Mayer.

Both songs tackle the same subject from differing points of view. ‘What’s Missing?’ is the realisation that the protagonist is stuck in a rut, with Ben pleading: “How far does it go?” But while he can’t find the confidence needed to pull himself out, “Crooked Lines” is the flipside where he accepts there is a problem, developing a steely determination to piece the cracks together. There is a captivating confidence in his voice and the instruments, demonstrating an emotional honesty that will relate to a wider audience.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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