EP Review: Cosmos // White Noise Radio

White Noise Radio are a rock band from Bristol influenced by Porcupine Tree, Opeth, and Tool. Describing themselves as playing “smart, catchy rock with a heavy edge”, they began their musical journey in 2014, releasing a debut self-titled EP two years later. The band dropped a new EP, Cosmos earlier this week, so it will be interesting to see if they can expand on their progressive, melodic soundscapes.

The EP opens up with the distorted, downtuned riff of ‘Siren’. It’s jaw dropping and addictive, keeping the listener intrigued. The track is completed by an infectious melodic chorus, which contrasts with the spooky soundscapes. The pick scraping in the bridge leading up to the solo is a brilliant transition because it encapsulates the unnerving feel of the track.

Gone Inside’ is astonishing; the fuzzy, flanger helps create a huge technical soundscape. The production is superb. It allows the groovy guitars to breathe freely, while the pummelling riffs are brought up in the mix to sound violent and gnarly. The songwriting has stepped up, leading to an incredible chorus that gets stuck in the listeners’ head: ‘My skin and bone, my misdirected pride / My heart and stone, my emptiness inside / something has gone inside.” This could be about depression, or a lack of motivation, summing up the inner feelings perfectly.

The last two tracks, ‘Dawning’ and ‘Wires’ are calmer, featuring clean guitars and ambient vocals. The former incorporates a fuzzy guitar in the solo, making it sound like a choppy chainsaw, demonstrating a willingness to be innovative and creative. The latter benefits from a massive chorus and a head crushing riff, meandering its way into the listeners’ consciousness.

What is great about White Noise Radio is their ability to mesh big choruses with stunning, technical riffs. Cosmos has this in spades, along with melodies that stick in your brain. If they keep going at this rate, you can expect to hear about them more in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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