Album Review: Salt & Acid // Nightlife

Nightlife contain a strong punk ethic. Their lyrics are about relatable situations, helping them gain a reputation in the rock scene. The band released their anticipated debut album Salt & Acid this week. The album’s diverse, but more often than not it feels too clean and polished.

The opening three tracks, ‘Left Alone’, ‘Purgatory’, and ‘Out of Your Mind’ are straight up bangers. They show a confident band who are not afraid to push their sound to the next level. Although the production is huge, it still contains raw, massive riffs. The choruses are also catchy and brilliant, reminiscent of the early 2000’s emo explosion.

However things then take a downward turn. Take ‘Dilute’ for example. The harmonised, layered choruses are refreshing, but it turns into a sub-You Me At Six dirge, adding little to the album.

The album gets repetitive, but tracks such as ‘Wholesome’ stand out. ‘Wholesome’ contains a punchy, Yellowcard-esque riff, while ‘Wake Me Up When it’s Over’ is about a favourite band who lets you down. The latter track features a heavy riff, which you can bop your head to, showing there’s enough diversity to keep things interesting.

Despite some solid tracks that would sit nicely in a live arena, Salt & Acid isn’t going to immediately set the world alight in 2017. It will however, appeal to fans of Funeral For a Friend and Jimmy Eat World.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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