EP: Calm Girls // Pillow Queens

Ermis Madikopoulos

Pillow Queens are an up and coming indie band from Dublin. They released their debut EP Calm Girls this month. Despite only forming recently, they have a tight sound reminiscent of the 90s alternative rock scene. The three songs on Calm Girls are raw and extremely refreshing, which instantly get stuck in the listeners’ head. There’s a technical side to them which helps them stand out, resulting in an enjoyable listen.

‘Rats’ incorporates a memorable riff along with an infectious chorus and Pamela’s distinctive accent as she sings: “I’m not a rat/if you’re not a rat”. Musically, the band are brimming with excitement; the gritty production complimenting Sarah’s creative bass and guitar licks.

‘Olive’ is my personal favourite track on the EP. It’s a wonderful slice of pop-punk goodness and an example of brilliant songwriting, the overlapping guitars and the fluid drumming creating a strong harmonious beat.

The final track, ‘Wonderboys’ is buried in an atmospheric reverb. The shoegaze-esque production brings the EP to a calm finish but like the other two tracks, it takes you on a journey, which leaves you wanting more.

Calm Girls is a brilliant debut, which shows off Pillow Queens’ diverse sound in three stunning tracks. With increasing support in the DIY scene, I’m sure 2017 will bring great things for this exciting band.


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