EP Review: L.I.F.E // High Rise

High Rise are an unsigned metalcore band influenced by Underoath, A Day to Remember, and The Ghost Inside. Although they formed in 2014, they have used the last two years to perfect their sound. This resulted in the release of successful debut EP, Tides Will Take You last year. Then, the band recorded their anticipated new EP, Left It For Everything with Dan Kerr (Our Hollow, Our Home, Shields, Create to Inspire) so it will be interesting to see whether he can blend their aggressive and melodic side together.

The EP opens up with ‘Hands Untied’. The guitars are ferocious, while the chorus is infectious and melodic. The passionate lyrics about a decaying society are delivered with brutal honesty, showing why they are becoming a rising force in the hardcore scene. The title track takes this to another level, the guitars fluidly working in tandem with the strong vocals. Recent single ‘Piece By Piece’ has a chorus reminiscent of Funeral For a Friend, which suits a circle pit perfectly, and should widen their appeal while sticking to their roots.

The meaty riffs in ‘Reborn’ and ‘Vultures’ could also work well at their live shows. Both these tracks are influenced by Bury Tomorrow, but the colossal production on the guitars helps them stand out.

On L.I.F.E, High Rise demonstrate that passion and hard work can go a long way. With exposure from Kerrang, and upcoming tour dates in Southampton and Kingston-Upon Thames, High Rise have an exciting future ahead of them.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos




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