Track Review: Like a Drug // Pleasure House

Birmingham band Pleasure House have gained a reputation for their catchy, melodic indie pop tracks. This has carried on to a live environment, where they played one of the best sets of the weekend at Close Up Festival. In October, they release their brand new track ‘Like a Drug’.

The track itself is full of feel-good euphoria, the palm muted guitars akin to Peace and Swim Deep. The melody is very strong, while the rhythm of the chords is sure to make you dance and put a grin on your face. Additionally, the chorus in which singer Alex Heffernan sings “you hit me like a drug” along with the spacey filtered guitars is a huge mood-raiser. Sometimes it can be hard to find a band who nail the art of songwriting, however Pleasure House are showing they are well on the way to perfecting it.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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