Mihra – Adventus review


Ermis Madikopoulos

Australian jazz four piece create disappointing track despite smooth vocals.

Melbourne four-piece Mihra consist of Chevaunne Kehler (Vocals/Keyboards), Michael Tweedale (Drums), Teamu Graham (Bass), and Nathan Abbey (Guitar). They are signed to independent label Wigwam Records and their influences include Radiohead and Kimya Dawson. The band state that they have spent “a couple of months” recording songs, this has seen them release their first song Adventus this week, produced by Wigwam.

It opens up with a 1940’s style trumpet, and then a smooth jazzy backdrop consisting of pianos and drums. Unfortunately, there is not anything special about Tweedale’s drumming, not only is it low in the mix, but it feels a bit weak because it is pretty much the same pattern throughout the entire song and it would be better if some variety was used because it may help the band stand out. Additionally, there is the scraping of a wood block, acting as a fill for the chorus, but this feels rather forced and it gets rather tiresome.

Kehlers’ vocals are soothing, however at the same time they sound a bit stale and almost bereft of emotion, which is a shame because it has the potential to be stronger, perhaps something similar to Amy Winehouse. Her voice could also be strengthened by the addition of harmonies because this will make the track a bit more atmospheric.

About halfway through, there are distorted keyboards which showcase a bit of promise, but then the track returns to its slow steady pace and then it finishes, leading to a feeling of disappointment.

Although the band has a smooth jazzy vibe, demonstrated by Kehlers’ vocals, they could use some variety in their next release because it showcases innovation and they can experiment with the sound. Fans of Madeline Peyroux and people who like their jazz on the smooth side will approve of this track.

For Fans Of: Madeline Peyroux, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse



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