Lower Than Atlantis- Here We Go Review


Ermis Madikopoulos


London post-hardcore band Lower Than Atlantis are primarily influenced by hardcore punk, however have a knack for finding an infectious chorus. The band, consisting of singer and rhythm guitarist Mike Duce, lead guitarist Ben Sansom, bass guitarist Dec Hart, and drummer Eddy Thrower. The band have gained a reputation for their energetic live shows (one of which was experienced first hand at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth last night), and this has led to them signing a major label deal with Sony.

Their eponymously titled fourth album follows on from Far-Q, their debut album released in 2010, World Record a year later, and Changing Tune, released in 2012. The band has polished their sound over time so can it work enough to make them big league contenders?

The track starts off with a downtuned bass riff and then the drums kick in, however unlike previous Lower Than Atlantis songs, it has a slower, perhaps more progressive feel, meaning they could have taken influence from Tool or alternative rockers Chevelle. Despite the slow feel, the tone of Hart’s bass is meaty, and this shows the band have not lost their heaviness.

Lyrically, it could address their rise to fame and it could encourage their fans to stay loyal to them “you know you wanna/ you know you wanna/ you know you wanna join our side”, and this is very catchy. In addition to this, there are also some really interesting guitar riffs, which expand their musical palette and show that they can think outside the box.

There is also the inclusion of a synthesizer in the solo, which works quite well, however the lyrics “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough” seem a bit cringe worthy and do not work. However, the chorus on the other hand (Here we go/ we’re coming, we’re coming) is compelling and could be a fan favourite in the future.

Overall, this track may divide the fan base who are used to the band’s previous work, but Mike Duce’s distinctive accent gives out a sense of familiarity, and it is essential listening whether you are a fan of Lower Than Atlantis or not.

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