Track Review: So Far From Where I’ve Started From // Thrillhouse

Thrillhouse are a fantastic band. In fact, ever since I started to hear them, they haven’t disappointed me once. That is some feat. And on their brand new song, “So Far From Where I’ve Started From’ they talk about coming of age and the pitfalls that come with it. 

I like the Britpop atmosphere in the instrumental. It is summery and upbeat, a bit like Supergrass in their prime. I feel like this could push them far, and with an album on the horizon i don’t see why Thrillhouse could be bigger. The tunes are catchy, the lyrics about maturing are extremely heartfelt, and the delivery is spot on. I’m even getting a bit of Stone Roses, it is a song that relates to so many people. What a tune!

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

EP Review: Fire In Me // Letters Sent Home

Letters Sent Home formed in 2017 out of courageous ambition. This ambition now sees them sign with Hassle Records which is really exciting. Hassle’s roster has been impressive in the past, and one of my good friends did work experience for them briefly a few years ago. I am interested to see whether the new bands’ EP “Fire In Me”. 

Having listened to lots of metal lately, the pop atmosphere of “Fire” is surprising. I am not sure about it. The chorus is nice, it’s catchy. It shows the band’s versatility. But it isn’t for me personally. However, the post hardcore intro of “Born to Die” is much better. I am feeling a hint of Dream State from this. It is structured well and shows the band’s potential. 

I love this type of vocal because it gives some edge. I think the chorus in “Phoenix” is very uplifting and fantastic. It’s easily the catchiest thing on here. I don’t think that Letters Sent Home is reinventing the wheel on the basis of this release. But on the other hand, there are flashes of promise here. The Bring Me the Horizon esque chorus on “Phoenix” is sure to be a hit. I feel like this will push them into bigger territories. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Album Review: Everywhere, Everything // Polar

Polar have been going for many years and return with their new album “Everywhere, Everything.” It is a metalcore offering with bruising riffs that naturally send me into a flurry of excitement.

As I sit here writing, this is the third time I’ve listened to this album. The intro track “Winds of Change” and it’s gang vocals set the pace, reminding me of Gideon at their nastiest. The pace continues with “Burn”, which is incredibly bouncy. The fire in this song will start plenty of moshpits, with the production being so crushingly heavy. 

The wonderful thing about this album is that it is more naughty than a teenager who walks out in the middle of class. Some of its riffs are devastatingly filthy, and they would be good to hit the weights at the gym to.

It’s an album that is very fast paced, giving the listener a feeling of relentless aggression. There are also some bouncy songs like “Thre Greatest Sin”, which is actually one of my favourites  because the vocals evoke passion. There is a hint of While She Sleeps in there, which is nice. I feel that the more you listen to this album, the more anger and aggression come out. These songs are built for the moshpit.

“Deliverance” has a pretty nasty breakdown riff that destroys my fucking face while also having by far the catchiest chorus on the album. I need something that fills my metalcore tastebuds, having deviated towards power metal lately. This is it. What an absolute find of an album, with many epic moments. I’m sure Polar have much bigger things coming on the horizon. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

Track Review: To Melancholy Men in the North West // Denis Debris

Denis Debris is an up and coming artist from Liverpool. He has releasd a new song called “To Melancholy Men in the North West”, so let’s dive into it!!

It is a beautiful acoustic song that features tender vocals. The production is big and powerful, with the acoustic guitars sounding massive. The duetted vocals give me Beautiful South Vinbes, and I like how the keyboard at the end adds to the melancholy atmosphere. 

The song shows what a talent Denis is, with his achingly beautiful music. I think he has big things ahead of him in the future. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Track Review: LULLABY – CELAVI

I am a massive fan of CELAVI’s industrial metal. It gives off massive Rammstein vibes, but also I see an influence from stuff like Breaking Benjamin. I think that every track they release gets stronger and stronger, and with this in mind, i am looking forward to tucking in to their new song “LULLABY”. 

The seriously early 2000s vibes of the downtuned guitars give immeasurable pleasure. And the vocal performance sounds extremely confident. The loud powerful guitars are bumped up in the mix, and honestly, the breakdown makes me want to punch something. I am also getting anime OP vibes from this song, like it could suit a fighting anime to get you extremely hyped up.

If you haven’t listened to CELAVI before, then for goodness sake, get on it if you’re into your heavy stuff because it will give you so much energy to get through the day. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Bazooka – Kapou Allou review

I’ve been heavily immersed in the Greek language so it is interesting that I’m listening to Bazooka, a Greek psychedelic band with a ear for melody. This is apparent on their latest album, “Κάπου Άλλου” which is reminiscent of bands like Tame Impala. The first song, “Kata Vathos”, is an acoustic number which is very calm and relaxing to listen to. It is ideal for an early morning listen because you appreciate its beauty a lot. 

I think the title track is really cool as well, it’s got a ’50s feel to it which is really exciting, reflecting the sounds of a bygone era. The guitars are similar to rock n roll, while the high falsetto backing vocals add something special. 

They remind me of a band called Temples, who on their album “Sun Structures” mastered the art of melody and psychedelia. This is evident on “προεδρική φρουρά” with a driving bass and guitar riff adding something different. In fact the bass is very prominent, especially on the soulful closer “βελούδινο Κακό” which works with the beautiful vocals. The album is reminiscent of the 60s and I feel that Bazooka have replicated this sound very well. It will be a hit to those who are into The Doors and Tame Impala. A great effort.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

Track Review: Jehovah // Lane Shuler

“Jehovah” is a song by Lane Shuler, a spoken word poet. It is a song that has a vulnerability that strikes a chord with the listener. The downbeat chords merge well with the boom bap beat. I think that the lyrics are achingly vulnerable as well because they talk about past relationships and the fact that they won’t return.

It is a song that helps Shuler understand this reality, and it has a slow, almost crooning delivery. It puts you in the picture of Shulers mind, which is something all great songs should do.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Track Review: Summer Town // The Gleemen

 The Gleeman understands the pain of the January blues. The band evokes a winning pop formula combined with 1960s psychedelia. On their new song “Summer Town” there is a tender acoustic guitar that dominates the song.

The lyrics talk about longing to escape this dreary weather. They are extremely emotional and drip with nostalgia. I’m not normally into music like this, but I hear honesty in the lyrics. The guitar playing is simple, effective, and very folky. It is perfect for a winter’s evening and a warm tea. The Gleeman do a very good job in saying something that everyone feels. I hope this song gets the recognition that it deserves.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Track Review: Cruel Twist Of Fate // Thrillhouse

Thrillhouse are back with a brand new banger. They have been wowing me since I first heard them three years ago, and I gradually became a fan of their uplifting tunes. They have a brand new song that is coming out very soon called “Cruel Twist of Fate.” 

This song is very 80s inspired, with one eye on the summer. 

The song meanders its way into the listeners’ heart with some incredible vocals alongside some woozy synths. It is a joy to listen to, and i can see them getting bigger as a result. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

Track Review: Be That Guy // Azu Yeché

I adore Azu Yeché. His songs evoke happiness and plenty of soul. He’s been played on BBC 6 Music and his voice is smoother than butter. I have heard a lot of songs of his and loved every single one. He has a brand new song called “Be That Guy” which combines beautiful harmonies with an 80s style synth. 

Sometimes you listen to a song and it takes you to another place. Azu’s songs are all unique in their own way. You have the fast paced “Black Market” and the tenderness of “Somebody.” But “Be That Guy” is a stunning song that will easily soundtrack nature walks and barbeque drinks. It’s a winner all round!

He also has a video for the song too, which you can check out here:

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos